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In 1940 an army camp was established on a property off Limekilns road, Bathurst. The geographically isolated camp site was used for training units before being sent overseas to Singapore, the Middle East, and New Guinea.

Following the war’s conclusion the army camp became a migrant reception and training Centre for European refugees and displaced persons, ultimately becoming one of the major migrant reception centres in Australia, accepting around 80,000 migrants between 1948 and 1952.

The camp housed the usual communal kitchen, school and ablution blocks and was considered to be self-contained township and separate from the wider Bathurst community. Between 1948 and 1952 the Bathurst Migrant Camp housed nearly 80,000 people until the property was purchased and returned to farmland in 1952. 

The Bathurst Sheep & Cattle Show was originally established in 1978 as a means to earn additional income heeding a severe drought that caused great financial burden to the property. The show eventually evolved and developed into a renowned educational and fun attraction that included accommodation for school groups whom had travelled from various districts around Australia and the world. The venue, now known as Heritage Park hosts what is the last Sheep and Cattle show in Australia, along with alternative attractions such as the animal nursery, hayrides, golf courses, bush dances, various traditional Indigenous art and workshops and many others.

Heritage Park is situated approx. 10 minutes from Bathurst CBD and just under 2 & ½ hours from Sydney. The sheep & cattle show not only allows you to see and hear the stories of some of the leading sheep & cattle breeds of the Central Tablelands and Australia but allows you to view and partake in cow milking, see a sheep being shorn and contains other animals such as working dogs, goats, donkeys, miniature ponies and a pig.

Due to recent changes in the Australian Schools curriculum we have worked very closely with the Aboriginal Elders of the Wiradyuri Central West Corporation to offer traditional activities in line with the current curriculum.