Meet the Animals


Breed: Large White

Information: As a piglet, Ruby spent her time inside and outside the house of one of Heritage Park’s staff members where she was raised as any other normal pet.


Breed: Feral (cross breed)

Information: Tinkerbell is the mother of Wendy and Peter. She has a quiet but friendly disposition.

Wendy and Peter

Breed: Toggenburg x

Information: Born on the 1st October, our new babies are still a bit young to really be able to determine their personalities, however it seems that Wendy is the more out-going of the two.


Breed: Eastern Grey

Information: Joseph is our resident Eastern Grey Kangaroo and nursery bully, who loves picking on those smaller than himself (mostly the wallabies). Knowing no fear, Joseph loves to investigate new things, but loses interest quickly if food isn’t involved.


Breed: Eastern Grey

Information: Scarlet is our female Eastern Grey kangaroo and is more timid than her male counterpart (though not nearly as mean). Scarlet does however have a great love for bread as a special treat, and has no issue with pushing the wallabies out of the way if it means more for her.


Breed: Swamp Wallaby

Information: The most confident of our wallaby mob, Missy has given birth to several joeys over the years and currently has a bub in her pouch! As prey animal, the wallabies tend to be skittish by nature although Missy will often hop over to say hello if she thinks treats are involved.


Breed: Toggenburg

Information: Fabio is the largest goat living at Heritage Park, and he also has the largest heart! A big boy with a gentle spirit, Fabio loves his treats and is always keen for pats and snacks. Fabio is also the father of our latest editions; Wendy and Peter.


Breed: Sulfur-crested Cockatoo

Information: At least one of our nursery animals will always want to say hello, Cocky the sulfur-crested cockatoo loves to have a yarn and will often imitate dancing (if the right moves are pulled).


Breed: Eastern Galah

Information: Garry the Eastern Galah (also known as the rose-crested cockatoo) is a roommate to Cocky, though he doesn’t like the spotlight nearly as much as his not-so-distant cousin.


Breed: Fallow Deer

Information: Bambi the Fallow deer is one of a kind. He trots to his own pace and does as he pleases without hesitation. Bambi is roommates with Smiggles, Fabio and the emu gals.


Breed: Highlander

Information: Heidi is our resident Highlander. She originally belonged to one of the Heritage Park staff members as a calf until she eventually came to live in the nursery. Heidi is also one of the sheep and cattle show stars!


Breed: Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Information: Jeffrey is a very friendly Abyssinian guinea pig who loves his treats! You will hear Jeffrey and his two buddies calling out for a snack as you walk into our nursery.