School Meals


Option 1: “Continental”

A selection of cereals and fruit, wholemeal, white, grain & raisin breads for toasting, with a selection of jams, honey & vegemite & a choice of juices, milo & a whole fruit selection.

Primary School = $11.00 – High School = $12.00

Option 2: “Bushman’s Breakfast”

A selection of cereals, and a smorgasbord of sausage, bacon, scrambled egg, spaghetti or baked beans, hash brown, pancakes, and toast.

Primary School = $17.50 – High School = $18.50

Option 3: “Design your own”

We pride ourselves on being flexible so create your own selecting from any of the above e.g. Sausages: cereal, sausages, scrambled eggs & toast.



A muffin or muesli bar, piece of fruit & popper juice /bottled water.

Primary School = $5.00 – High School = $6.00


Option 1:

A fresh ham salad roll -$10.50

A fresh chicken salad roll -$12.50

with a muffin, piece of fruit a juice popper or a bottle of water. Packed or inhouse.

Option 2: “BBQ sausage sizzle” or “Hot Dog”

Sausage sizzle, or Hot Dog with a fresh bread roll, onion & array of sauces, muffin, fresh fruit, juice popper or water.

Primary School = $12.50 – High School = 13.50


Option 1 Meat or Vegetarian with Sides.

Choose one of the following: Chicken Schnitzel, Chicken Tenders, Roast Chicken, Beef Rissole, Beef Lasagne, Vegetable Patties, Vegetable Mini Spring Rolls, Vegetable Pasties or Quiche.

Add Choice of Chips, Mashed potato, Chats or Potato Gems

And add 2 of Corn Cobette, Peas, Beans or Mixed Veg.

Chicken and Beef Options = $15.00 – Vegetarian Options = $12.00

Option 2: “Burger Meal”

Beef Burger with chips -$12.00

Chicken Burger with chips -$13.00

Option 3: “Beef Lasagne”

Beef Lasagne with grated cheese and Garlic Bread or Herb Bread – $14.00


Ice cream and flavouring, ice cream and jelly or ice cream and two fruits or fruit salad – $4.00

Chocolate Cake and ice cream or Chocolate mousse with cream – $6.00

Cornetto style ice cream or similar – $3.00

*Complimentary whole fruits are available for all meals.


Choice of biscuits and hot milo – $3.00